Coaching Testimonies

Hilary Williamson

Working with Kyle has been a wonderful addition to my coaching practice and my personal life. His knowledge, kindness and committment to his clients creates a powerful journey of new beginnings. I am so grateful I can now also call him, my friend. I highly recommend this gentleman to help guide any leaders who want to increase their leadership abilities, or to change perspectives and direction in life for one’s own journey.ShareEmailTweetPinShare0 Shares

Jeffrey Hill

Kyle is a fantastic presenter and a very effective coach. He made learning fun and applicable and gave us some great tools to help us communicate more effectively with different personality types in the work place and life. I look forward to working with Kyle in the future and highly recommend his services. ShareEmailTweetPinShare0 Shares

Max Adamitis

I was connected with Kyle upon moving to Bellingham and beginning a job search in the area. Kyle (and his use of the DISC assessment) really allowed me to reflect on my career goals, strengths, and areas for growth in a new way. Our conversations provided me with insight about myself and helped me feel more confident about my skills and better prepared to talk about them. In addition, Kyle is a warm, engaging, and passionate person with a knack for connecting with others. Thanks, Kyle! ShareEmailTweetPinShare0 Shares

Guy Occhiogrosso

Working with Kyle was great. He provided us with so many tools to better understand each other and work more closely as a team. I can not recommend Kyle and his work enough. He certainly has the skills to work with teams who need a boost and those that are ready for the next level. I look forward to working with him again in the near future. ShareEmailTweetPinShare0 Shares

Natasha Sulek

Coaching with Kyle has helped me gain clarity and certainty in my decision-making. Before coaching, I felt stuck and I needed help with discovering my career path. By working with Kyle, I was able to learn more about myself as a person and apply my needs and desires to a job that will be fulfilling. Now, I have chosen my career path and feel confident in my decision and I feel that I am living my life with direction and purpose as I am pursuing my ideal job. ShareEmailTweetPinShare0 Shares

Simon Fountain

Before Kyle’s coaching, I had become a person who continually met the needs of others, but had difficulty speaking up for myself and doing what actually made me feel fulfilled. Through Kyle’s coaching, I gained more clarity and certainty in what I want my marriage and my career to look like. Our conversations helped me learn more about myself and discover what is truly important to me and how to get it. My life has become less complicated, more purposeful, and there’s more time for activities that bring me rest. I have more confidence in my ability to communicate, lead, and live effectively, both personally and professionally. Thanks, Kyle! ShareEmailTweetPinShare0 Shares

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