SAGE Mindset® Coaching Program

Business and leadership coaching designed to help you become more self-aware, develop uncommon accountability, unlock the growth mindset, and empower others to achieve amazing things. 

Let's Push The Boundaries Of Your Life and Business

It's never too late to start achieving the success you deserve. You should challenge yourself and continually push your boundaries until they break!

If there are any doubts in your mind that you have not yet reached your potential, don't worry because most people feel this way. It is important to keep going even if it seems like all hope has been lost and be determined enough as "most people" who do not put in work for their future or reach out-of-reach goals.

With a lack of a clear framework for creating systems and maintaining momentum, it is no surprise that growth results are difficult to come by. However, I have developed an effective system that all my clients (and their businesses) continue to benefit from! If you're tired of losing steam in your business or development without the proper guidance? This may be exactly what you need.

What To Expect On Your Introductory Call

For those who are looking to uplevel their life and business or are just feeling stuck, join us on a SAGE introduction call. In 30 minutes we'll learn about what you're after, dive into your goals, and where you'd like to see yourself within the next 90-days to a year followed by an opportunity to ask any questions that come up.

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Step 1 - Build A Plan

Do you want to grow as a person and professional? Most people don't. Don't be like the rest of them - let's fix that! We'll dive deep into what makes you tick, how your business succeeds, and what will work going forward so that we can establish key goals for success this year (and beyond). Once those are in place I'll help track the progress made with our plan together.

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Step 2 - Implement the SAGE Framework

So you have great intentions to build yourself and your business, but things just never seem to work out? You are not alone - this is the exact problem we help people overcome. We keep everything simple so that it becomes easier for our clients: accountability! Once you find a coach who helps guide and assists in any way possible, then there's no chance of losing momentum ever again. NOW IS THE TIME TO LEVEL UP!

the strategic review

Step 3 - Measure and Adjust

When was the last time you truly measured your personal or professional progress? Rarely or never is not good enough. We fix this limitation by evaluating, measuring, and adjusting development plans for your business and life to uplevel YOU. With these adjustments in place, you will continue building more clarity and confidence around your personal and professional future.

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SAGE Leadership Program Benefits

  • Builds systems and processes in your business so you don't have to work so hard, giving you the time freedom you deserve.
  • Helps you untangle the goals you need to get done and break them into reasonable parts that you can accomplish instead of feeling overwhelmed.
  • Breaks down self-limiting mindsets and habits that aren't allowing you to grow as you should be.
  • Limits the constant barrage of questions from your employees and empowers them to be more responsible.
  • Frees you up to work on your business not in it so you can grow your leadership, your people, and your business.

The SAGE Program In Action

How The SAGE Program Works

  • Weekly and bi-weekly coaching calls.
  • Unlimited access to your coach through follow-up calls, emails, and texts.
  • A SAGE Program dashboard for business goals and professional development goals. This dashboard serves as your proof of progress.

What to Expect From Me

  • Honesty: To be honest with you about what I observe and call you on your BS.
  • Commitment: 200% expectation–100% commitment from me and 100% from you.
  • Curiosity: To provide powerful questions and deep listening.
  • Belief: Belief in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself.
  • Challenges: To challenge you in your behaviors, thinking patterns, and perspectives.

What I Expect From You

In order for our work together to be successful so that you grow your income and increase your time freedom, it will be your responsibility to:

  • Be Present: To be available and 100% present as we coach.
  • Be Enthusiastic: To be enthusiastic and committed to doing the work.
  • Be Willing: To be open and willing to see a different version of yourself and your future.
  • Be Expectant: Expect growth and powerful insights.
  • Be Honest: To be real with yourself in the good and the bad.

How To Get Started

We never expect someone to sign up for a coaching program after reading one page on our website. We know that you have questions and ideas about what we do, which is why the first step in any client relationship with us starts off as a FREE call so you can experience how powerful it feels to talk through your business goals and personal challenges with an expert who understands exactly where you're coming from!

We always start out new relationships by talking over some initial concerns or potential roadblocks during a free consultation call - because this way both of us are certain if there's alignment before investing time, energy, money into something more formalized like coaching sessions.

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