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The 12 Attributes You Need To Be A SAGE Leader.

When I first started my journey investigating a framework for leadership, I searched online for great leaders that I could learn about and study. I read about Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, and even Hitler. But I realized I’d been studying one leader for over 21 years… Jesus.

Jesus defines SAGE Leadership. The most self-aware person to ever live. He exemplified accountability and integrity. His life was an example of a mindset that reflex growth. Finally, his mission was to empower the world to be able to have a relationship with God.

So, yeah, he ticks the boxes on SAGE.

But as I’ve researched, interview, and applied this framework there was a piece missing. Until recently, I didn’t realize this. After reflecting on 21 years of a relationship with Jesus and all the time I’ve spent reading the bible, something dawned on me. Jesus is THE example of what SAGE Leadership is.

I don’t claim that what I talk about in this episode is the definitive and most important attributes of Jesus or any great leader, just that these clearly are needed.

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