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Applying The SAGE Mindset To What’s Holding You Back

If you’re like me, there are seasons where you feel held back. Like there’s something in the way or someone (myself) preventing the opportunities and blessings.

But what are we to do in these situations? For me, I go back to the SAGE Mindset. Self-awareness, Accountability, Growth, and Empowerment.

If we work through these 4 areas of personal/professional development, we can get back on track.

I’m aware that there are some doubts creeping in. Now I want to lean on two of my personal values of ambition and community to help me through. — Self-Awareness.

Next, I step into more Accountability and will reach out to my wife, my coach, and two friends this week to get support on what could be holding me back. — Accountability

Third, I have a Growth Mindset. I need to remind myself of this and get some perspective on the lessons I’m learning from the doubts and fears. — Growth

Finally, what needs to happen in my life to empower me to move forward in my business and these fears/doubts Whatever that is, can I share it with other others to empower them? — Empowerment

Just running through these 4 areas reminds me of what it is to have a SAGE Mindset & helps me in times like these.

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