Helping You Build A Thriving People FIrst Business

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to leading your team and business? I can help you get clarity of direction, create momentum, build the processes needed, and get the growth you want in your business. 


You are stuck and need a plan.

Do you run your business reactively? Are you open to a new approach? It's time to stop running your business reactively and create predictable growth. We want to help you own a business not a job. We work with business owners who want more than time-freedom and wealth but want to empower their team, other people, and the world around them.

  • Grow your business without the 60+ hour weeks.

  • Create a business blueprint for predictable growth

  • Determine a vision and anticipate future needs. 

  • Hire great people and get their buy-in.

  • Get clarity on key business metrics.

Get the mindset you need to grow your business and take your leadership to the next level.

SAGE Mindset Coaching can help you overcome these challenges. We offer a variety of training programs and services that will help you manage your time, cash flow, and team more effectively. We'll also help you build the right systems to retain employees, create effective marketing strategies, and provide world-class customer service. With our help, you can finally achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

  • Increase your bottom line.

  • Reduce employee turnover.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

  • Improve productivity with effective systems.

  • Increase your time freedom.

SAGE Leadership House

Introducing our 4-Part SAGE Framework

  • Self Awareness

    The foundation of leadership is self awareness. Become more effective as a leader by understanding your strengths and limitations then learning how to lead like you're meant to.

  • Accountability

    Accountability is the nails and hammer that holds your leadership and business together. Create a culture of accountability that moves your business forward and creates a highly responsible and engaged team.

  • Growth

    Remodel your business and leadership so that you can grow your influence. Get to the next level with your team, customers, and the marketplace through purposefully designed strategies and systems.

  • Empowerment

    Surround yourself with team members who are empowered to operate within their strengths and appreciate their role in the business. 

Our Process

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get free coaching call

Discover what's been holding you back and take the first step to change it.

Mindset Roadmap

Learn how to become a better leader and grow your business.

Get results

We take you from where you are to where you want to go.

SAGE Solutions

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The SAGE Leader Book

Become the leader you're meant to be. Learn how in this powerful book on leadership, empowerment, and putting people first. 

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SAGE Mindset App

Have an easy way to track your progress towards achieving your goals with the SAGE Mindset App.

App Arriving in Stores November

SAGE Assessments

Grow your business and team with our unique assessments. Leadership habits, behavioral tendencies, and emotional intelligence assessments to unlock your leadership potential.

Take an Assessment

SAGE Business Blueprint

Online course to help you build systems to make your business more effective and efficient to have more freedom in your life. 

Course Coming In November

1 on 1 Mindset Coaching

Our unique approach is tailored to help entrepreneurs create their own systems for success, using their strengths as a guidepost.

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SAGE Courses

Our courses offer leadership and system training to help you increase your mindset, achieve success, and reach your goals on your own time.

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Let's talk about how we can work together to create business stability and predictable growth so you don't have to always be working.


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Danielle Sanchez

Small Business owner / Accountant - 1 on 1 coaching

Kyle leads and guides with his intuition and insight. In a time when I really needed some guidance to learn how to step into my confidence as a strong business owner Kyle was there to support me. He allowed me to tap into myself to find my own answers. I am extremely grateful for his coaching.

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David Leberat

Small Business owner / Consultant - 1 on 1 coaching

Kyle is a perfect match for his profession. As a sales professional, I know what passion feels like and Kyle exemplifies it. He's dedicated to his clients and he truly has an open heart to help. I knew immediately during our first conversation, and I will gladly refer anyone who's looking for his type of services.

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Simon Fountain

Copywriter - 1 on 1 coaching

Before Kyle’s coaching, I had become a person who continually met the needs of others, but had difficulty speaking up for myself and doing what actually made me feel fulfilled. Through Kyle’s coaching, I gained more clarity and certainty in what I want my marriage and my career to look like. Our conversations helped me learn more about myself and discover what is truly important to me and how to get it. My life has become less complicated, more purposeful, and there’s more time for activities that bring me rest. I have more confidence in my ability to communicate, lead, and live effectively, both personally and professionally. Thanks, Kyle!


Tyson Morgan

Church Pastor - 1 on 1 coaching

Really enjoyed working with Kyle and got a lot out of his coaching. From personal goals to professional, he helped me grow in a lot of areas. Both personally and professionally, Kyle helped me become a better leader, get better organized, set goals and action items and coached me to see the big picture in all of it. Highly recommended.

About SAGE Mindset Coaching

We help owners of service-based who are feeling overwhelmed with the whirlwind of growth and work who want clarity on how to stabilize their businesses and create predictable growth without having to micromanage the whole process. Ultimately, we want you to own your business and not a job. Our role is to help you make your business an asset to your life.



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